Ignite the Light of Learning

Directors’ Message 

Ignite the Light of Learning

Welcome to the winter / spring edition of our educational and enrichment
brochure! It has been a back-to-school autumn like no other! Although it does not seem that things will be back to “normal” any time soon, we want you to know your local adult education programs are here to provide a respite from the day to day stress of dealing with a world-wide pandemic. We hope you will take advantage of our remote and in-person offerings to chase away the virus blues and expand your horizons in new and exciting ways. Pandemic or not . . . .learning rocks! So ignite the light of learning today by registering for one of our classes. 

In order to ensure the continued safety for our students, staff and community members, most of our offerings this semester will be provided remotely. While a remote instructional platform may not be ideal, it ensures an important layer of safety that is needed in these unprecedented times. Our instructors are confident and equipped to facilitate classes remotely. We will utilize programs such as Zoom, Google Meets and Webex to deliver instruction. Our staff members and our course instructors will provide you with any assistance needed to help you navigate remote learning. If you do decide to participate in any of our in-person learning sessions, you are required to wear a mask and to follow social distancing guidelines while in class. Safety first and always!

Due to the pandemic, we have experienced an uptick in the number of students eager to earn a high school diploma, apply to college, enter a trade school, or earn a specific certification. If you are someone who has been contemplating any of those options, please check out our listings on pages 5-11. All high school equivalency diploma programs, college and career advising, and college prep classes are FREE to Maine residents so sign up now! Finally, we are once again offering a $5 discount for EARLYBIRD registrations. The deadline for the discount is Friday, February 6. Thank you for supporting your local adult and community education programs. If you are lucky enough not to be experiencing any financial stress, we hope you’ll consider making a donation this year. Like so many small businesses across our state, your local adult education programs have taken a big financial hit due to the pandemic and could use your additional support. One way we are cutting costs is to move to an online only brochure which is why you did not receive a hard copy of our winter/spring catalogue in the mail this month. Instead, we mailed out post cards of our brochure cover with access information to our website and on-line brochure. 

Thank you again. We wish you all a safe and healthy winter and spring!


Kayla Sikora, RSU 40 Adult Education Director kayla_sikora@msad40.org, RSU 12 Adult Education Director ksikora@svrsu.or

Learning for everyone

Make 2021 the year you learn to play guitar…get your degree… change jobs…

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

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