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Welcome to a new fall season and a chance to harvest your passion for learning! We have many new offerings along with your tried and true favorites. Please take time to review them all and sign up on line, by phone, or through the mail. Our $5 early bird discount is valid through September 20. Many thanks to all our communities for their ongoing support of Adult Education programs and services!

Pamela J. Sperry, CLC Adult Education Director psperry@aos93.org and Kayla Sikora, RSU 40 Adult Education Director kayla_sikora@msad40.org

Learning for everyone

Make 2019 the year you learn to play guitar…get your degree… change jobs…

Whatever new skill or life change you’re dreaming of, there’s a good chance your local Maine adult education program can help you get there.

  • Jan
    Original source: https://artcentereast.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Copy-of-intermediate-pottery.png

    Advanced Intense Pottery Class

    This class is intense because we will be creatingand glazing in eight classes in just four weeks. Participantsmust be advanced students who have already learned how towedge clay and center on the wheel.We will be focusing on making all the components toa tea set: teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, cups, etc! MATERIAL FEE OF $60 is included […]

  • Jan
    Original source: https://modernfarmer.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/pesticides-affecting-bee-memory-1200x800.jpg

    Learning About Bees

    This class is designed to stimulate the interest in and answer the questions of those interested in starting beekeeping, to help pollinate their gardens or generally learn more about honey bee care and cultivation. This is not a “how to keep bees” course but an introduction to help decide if beekeeping is for the student. […]

  • Feb
    Original source: https://sujatamassey.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Bombus_pratorum.jpg

    Planting for Bees –Season by Season

    This class will introduce plants in our area that are used by bees for gathering pollen and nectar. The slideshow presentation will move from season to season with photos of important flowers for bees. Also included is information on how to create an eco-friendly yard. Hand-outs will be available.

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